Rogers TV feature - Western Revealed - on IPSW 2016, held February 16th-19th

[originally broadcast March 20 2016]

IPSW is a fun and engaging opportunity to begin the transition from academia into the workforce. It is a campus-wide opportunity for students of all graduate levels to interact with local industry representatives, and solve real-world problems. An industry workshop which takes place during Reading Week, IPSW is designed to help students of all disciplines become job ready.

Each team of students will be made up of various faculties and disciplines, and will work together throughout the week to develop an innovative solution strategy. The week functions as a networking opportunity between students, faculty mentors, and industry partners.

"IPSW offers an engaging and fun means of applying what one has learned in their university career to a current real-world problem. It further offers the ability to interact with industry professionals, faculty members, and students of various programs, in an informal and highly productive setting. By fostering such an interdisciplinary collaboration, the workshop affords students the unique opportunity to work together towards an inventive solution and is truly a worthwhile and intriguing experience."
Coby Viner, IPSW 2013 Participant